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This series of glass fruit explores the familiar ornament and reimagines it in a new form.

Through the process of glass casting techniques, Devyn pays homage to the blown glass fruit makers and collectors from the 1960’s.

The light playful approach to everyday fruit is contrasted with the heaviness of the crystal glass. A unique material that catches and reflects light.

These objects are intended to provoke the senses and occupy a space where time may be kinder to them.

Each piece is hand made using a lost wax casting technique. This process involves many different stages to achieve the finished outcome.

First Devyn begins with fettling the wax. This is followed by building a contour mould (made of a plaster/silica mix) around the wax model. Once set, the wax is steamed out, leaving a positive copy.

The contour mould is then dried and loaded into a kiln to be fired. Over time, solid glass gradually melts into the positive space filling a positive form.

The contour mould now ‘baked’ can be broken off, this is called divesting. Revealing a glass object. This then is cold worked, sanded and polished. After cleaning you are left with a finished piece.

Made in New Zealand by Devyn Ormsby.

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