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Hand-knitted with a chunky 100% Peruvian wool, FUGU will never fail to keep you warm.

Composition : 100% Peruvian wool

Wool sweaters do not show stain readily and are naturally breathable. Spot clean with a mild solution of soap and water.

If you need to wash your precious knit, hand washing using a specific wool soap is the key: water temperature should be cool or lukewarm (max. 30°C) and be the same for both the washing and rinsing stages. Do not twist or rub the garment, just let it soak for a short time, pressing it gently to let the soap penetrate the fabric. Then, you can rinse it thoroughly.

Squeeze out any excess water by carefully pressing down the knit and place your garment to dry flat on an absorbent towel. Let it dry in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight or heat.

After it is completely dry, the best way to store your sweater is to fold it. This will help the garment retain its shape.

Do not tumble dry or iron.

Note that whilst wearing little fuzzy balls can form on your wool jumper. This is a natural process created by friction during wear. You can easily and delicately remove the pills with a wool comb or small scissors.

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